The Search Begins

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

The next day, my head was still spinning from the discovery at Albro Castle. But we had to leave Wales to continue on our planned holiday. When we reached our next cottage rental, in Cornwall, England, I put my iPad to work searching for the children–now all of us certainly in our 50s and 60s–of Harold and John. I found David right away, in New York City, and through him and his brother Bobby in San Antonio, I was able to begin communicating with the Andrews and Goerges “children” about our find in Wales. Emails flew back and forth, and general excitement ensued.

My sister, Marcia, in Washington State, went to work scanning in all the war photos of our dad’s–she found almost 300 black and whites taken from the men’s first days of duty in Camp Bowie, TX, until their discharge more than five years later at Camp Shanks, NY. About half had writing on the back, so she started with those.

Our next bit of amazement was the discovery of this photo:


Dad had written on the back:

“6 June 44, out taking rifle practice at Mwnt near Cardigan, Wales.  It was here we learned of the invasion of France that day. We hurried back to Albro and immediately packed, were soon on our way to the  Channel and France on D+1.”

Once again, we were flabbergasted. Our Welsh rental cottage for the week before was about a mile from this place. In fact, the day before we discovered the writing on the wall at Albro Castle, we had visited the Mwnt Church, and my cousin Kay happened to take  this picture of me and my husband, Ed:


We had been walking at almost the same spot where the men of the 111th learned of D-Day almost exactly 69 years earlier.

As Marcia began emailing the photos, the story began to unwind.

  1. StephieD says:

    This was such a wonderfully creepy trip for you. It’s like those stories you hear about how long lost siblings were actually living near each other for years and didn’t know it. I hope your internal compass leads your way on the next trip as well!!

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