Mwnt, Wales

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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We had not visited Mwnt, a National Trust property north of Cardigan, Wales, since we learned that the 111th was taking rifle practice there on D-Day–and where the men learned about the invasion of France for the first time (see earlier blog for Dad’s photo that day).

So on this absolutely perfect weather Welsh morning (not many of those this time of year), we drove over to Mwnt to take a picture from the exact spot the men were shooting from that historic day, not far from the 1400s church there. A lovely deserted beach is off to the left.

Dad liked to take me and my sister, Marcia, there years ago, but he never mentioned THAT particular day in 1944. Now we wonder what was in his thoughts each time he came back here. When those young men got the message here to immediately pack up and head to Normandy, they must have wondered if they would ever see home–much less this lovely spot–again. After four years of preparation, the war became intensely real to them that day.

Mwnt is one of Marcia’s favorite places ever. Today we thought of her and wished she could have been with us; it was her birthday today. Happy birthday, Marcia!

  1. StephieD says:

    I’m sure it was a very emotional place for him to be…and now for you too!

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