Hill 192, the St. Lo Breakthrough, and the Falaise Pocket

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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This morning we drove to Caen to visit the best museum in the region, the Caen-Normandie Memorial. It is huge and very well done, but too general to learn much detail about individual units. After, we drove south to Falaise, to see where Dad’s unit had passed through after the decisive Battle of the Falaise Pocket in August 1944. The town was largely destroyed and is now a modern town, home to the imposing castle on the hill where William the Conqueror was born a thousand years ago. With nothing to see there connected with Dad, we moved on north to St. Lo.

Falaise Gap five days later

St. Lo’s destruction in July 1944 was almost total; today it is an attractive, if more modern, small city. We stopped at the tourist office to find out the location of the famed Hill 192, the location of the US victory against the Germans that was crucial to the Allied efforts to free France, but the young women at the desk had no clue. One handed us a brochure of WWII sights in the area, and after we left we noticed an entry for Hill 192 and directions to it, as well as a memorial for the Second Division. (See Dad’s photo below of a tank destroyed in the Hill 192 battle.)

img090 evidence of the price the 2nd div paid for Hill 192 in Normandy       France etc. 2013 177

Within a short time, we found both places on back roads, not too far from Dad’s base at Cerisy la Foret. As we took pictures of the historic marker on Hill 192, a rainbow appeared on the horizon toward the sea.

France etc. 2013 175

  1. StephieD says:

    That made me cry…sniff sniff.

  2. Devos says:

    Hello very nice blog ! My name is Clément and i research relic of battlefied in the field

    im from Condé sur Vire in Normandy !

    I’m looking for the exact location of the camp some people say it’s south of the forest

    Thanks Clément

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