Christmas Comes Early to the Blog

Posted: December 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Two wonderful “gifts” to report: We have received word from Kaye Ross that her father, Osborne L. Eastwood, age 93, a veteran of the 111th, is alive and doing pretty well in Redfield, Arkansas. That makes five men still living so far, and we are still looking. As of today, Ed and I have mailed 46 letters to possible family members of the men, and we have heard from several children in just the past week or so.

The gift we received late last week is more than we ever hoped for. Linda Campbell, a daughter of 111th soldier Roland Unangst, has sent us a copy of her father’s memoir of the war years. With her kind permission, I have placed it in its own section at the top of the website, “Story of the 111th:  Memories of Roland Unangst.” This wonderful document answers so many questions Ed and I have been asking for months now. A few years ago, Linda and her husband, Ken, went to Heerlen, Holland, to visit the Baggen family; these were the Dutch people who had taken Roland in when the 111th was there during that frigid winter of 1944-45. (Many of the soldiers lived with local families in Heerlen.) The whole story is in his memoir; don’t miss it. Roland also tells about the Normandy landings, the scary times in Normandy, Holland, and Germany, and much more.


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