And more photos!

Posted: January 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanks to Linda Campbell, daughter of 111th veteran Roland Unangst, and her husband, Ken, we have just added many more photos to the “photos” pages that are accessed via the headings at the top of the blog’s main page. Linda recently located rolls of film containing nearly 100 images, and Ken scanned them and emailed them to me. Here are a few; click on the images to enlarge them. According to Unangst’s “Story,” permanently posted at the top of this blog, he and others left from Bremen, Germany, in October 1945 on train boxcars, which traveled through the Bavarian Alps and then to Marseille, France, where Roland boarded a ship back to the States. Again, if you can identify people or places, please let us know.

boxcar with place names

looking down on bridge and town 7th army recreation hotel roland German or French house tile roof r voire and car maybe France fctory boxcars at railway station waiting city river dock better their home in northern Germany parked convoy roland castle working in the shop sleepy bye time keeping warm at the rail station soldier driving truck another soldier roland car man in truck reading the insturctions, uh-oh soldier at desk same fellow soldier with several locals

  1. Liga Lidums says:

    This is fascinating stuff — as I look thru these fotos, I keep wondering if your father passed my parents on the street somewhere as he was travelling through Bavaria… my parents (and brother) were already in the displaced persons camp in Wurzburg by Oct. 1945 and were travelling the roads often to go to other surrounding towns for food, medicine, etc.



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