Four More 111th Families Found!

Posted: July 3, 2014 in 1944, Liberation of Paris, Men of the 111th Ordnance Company
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Ed and I have been back home for more than two weeks now, and it is time to play catch-up on the blog. We have some good news—while we were in Wales, we heard from four more 111th family members.

Lillian Brannon called us after receiving Ed’s letter, not long after we left on our trip. She is the widow of Leroy Brannon and is 95 and doing well. I called her last week and had a nice chat. She said Leroy never talked about the war, so she was looking forward to seeing our book and sharing it with her daughter and grandchildren. I asked her to send any photos she has of Leroy so we can post them.

While were were away, Donna Leitzke called, also in response to Ed’s letter. She is the daughter of Gene Karl, who was one of Roland Unangst’s good buddies, as we learned in his memoirs posted on this site. We have not yet connected with Donna, but while we were gone we gave her number to Roland’s daughter, Linda Campbell, and the two had a good phone visit.

Around the D-Day timeframe, we heard from Laura Sass, who found her grandfather, Peter Patrick, Jr., on this blog while googling his name.

Peter Patrick, Jr.

Peter Patrick, Jr.

Bob Nelson, Peter Patrick Jr, James 'Doc' Mason, Everett Auten

Bob Nelson, Peter Patrick Jr, James ‘Doc’ Mason, Everett Auten

He appears in several of the blog photos, the most memorable, perhaps, being the one of him in his foxhole in Normandy. We had been trying to find one of his children or grandchildren since last December, so it was wonderful that she found us. Laura’s grandmother, Peter’s widow, will be 89 years old this year and still lives in the same house she and Peter bought in the 1950s. Laura sent her a copy of our book. Mrs. Patrick said that her husband talked about being in Wales and Holland but not much else. Laura will be visiting her next month.

Finally, in mid-June, we heard from Pat Macchiarolo, the daughter of Robert Raymer. 

Bob Raymer, Maastricht, Holland

Bob Raymer, Maastricht, Holland

She also found us through this blog. She told us she recalls that he told her a story about repairing a tank on a beach somewhere—Normandy? Wales? She says he was a mechanic on cars, jeeps, and trucks. She sent us these photos of her dad and promises to send more. She also sent us some she found in her father’s collection of a few of his 111th friends.

Bob Hax, Bill Stadler, Herbert Hyde

Bob Hax, Bill Stadler, Herbert Hyde

Bob Raymer and possibly Floyd Wterrburg

Floyd Wetterburg and Bill Strickland


Bob Raymer in front of the 111th building, January 1944, probably Barry, Wales

Bob Raymer in front of the 111th building, January 1944, probably Barry, Wales








Jim Roush, Basil Dixon, Bob Raymer Jan 1944

Jim Roush, Basil Dixon, Bob Raymer, Jan 1944

Bob Hax, Bill Stadler, Julius Turner

Bob Hax, Bill Stadler, Julius Turner

Bob Raymer and others in Paris, August 1944

Bob Raymer and others in Paris, August 1944

Paul Glynn, Roy E. 'Pop' Bower, Joe Kelly

Paul Glynn, Roy E. ‘Pop’ Bower, Joe Kelly





So, as of July 1, our 111th “family” now includes five survivors, seven widows, and children or grandchildren of 37 of the men. That means we have “found” (or been found by) nearly 30 percent of the approximately 180 soldiers in the unit since we began this quest last December.


  1. says:

    Andrea –

    How cool to see my dad’s photos on the blog! It brought tears to my eyes – I wish that I could thank him for saving all the photos and for identifying so many guys. I seem to remember that my dad stayed in contact with Ohioan, Bob Early. Perhaps it was because we had family in Columbus. Were you able to connect with anyone in his family? I hope that you can eventually connect with all of them!!

    We just returned from about 1 1/2 weeks in Massachusetts – my daughter’s graduation & some genealogy & sightseeing. I sent an email to Ed & indicated that you did had the right address for my brother – don’t know why he didn’t respond. As I get an opportunity, I’ll try to look through some more things. We’ll be helping out with the grandtwins in Alexandria next week. We may have next Friday available to meet you & Ed somewhere – NARA? somewhere else?

    Happy 4th & THANKS again for all that you have done.


  2. says:

    Andrea & Ed –

    Mike & I just watched the DVD interview with Arthur Brooks. It was incredible! I especially enjoyed hearing what he had to say for the period of time that my dad was with the 111th. I thought that you might like to see something (actually two things) that my dad sent to my mother while he was oversees. The first one is a birthday card with a drawing of a plane (kind of a strange thing to send for a birthday card for your wife – right?). Mike says that it’s a Bell P-39 Airacobra: In any event, look very carefully in the bottom left-hand corner. I knew that my father never drew this, but the artist’s name was meaningless until we saw the DVD – Ed Newmeyer – Holland – 1944. How cool is that?!!! The second drawing (more appropriate for you wife) is not signed by the artist, but my guess is that it was probably done by the same guy. I also found a sketch of my dad – perhaps another Ed Newmeyer creation. And I just saw in your book that Ed was from Pittsburgh – a local guy. Thanks so much for researching and putting together this book.

    I remembered something else while watching the DVD. My father would never allow my mother to cook lamb, because he said that he had way too much while he was in the army. Would that have been while they were in Wales or England or in the k rations, or maybe on the ship enroute when everyone was seasick!!


    • Andrea says:

      Pat, we are so glad you enjoyed the interview with Art Brooks. If you can scan and send the drawings of Newmeyer, that would be wonderful. I know Art would like to see them, and of course we will post them here. As for the lamb, your dad’s aversion might explain my dad’s distaste. I will bet it was while in Wales (the unit was never based in England). My mother, being Welsh, loved lamb and so did I, but growing up we had it only at Easter. There are still plenty of sheep in Wales! But now that I think of it, it seems more likely the 111th might have been eating mutton, or older sheep, an entirely different experience.

  3. says:


  4. Pat (Raymer) Macchiarolo says:

    Andrea – I noticed one photo that needs a correction – the 3rd photo down, identifying both my father, Robert Raymer, & Floyd Wetturburg, should be Floyd Wetterburg & Bill Strickland. Thanks and thanks, too, for the new posting. Sorry to hear about the passing of another great soldier.

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