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The 111th Makes French History!

Posted: October 30, 2016 in 1944, Normandy 1944

We had a lovely surprise via email this past week from our blog friend in Paris, Tristan Rondeau. You may recall that Tristan, a history student, had found our blog not long after we started it and had asked for any and all information and photos of the 111th’s time in Normandy, France. (The unit was there from June 11 until late August 1944.) I knew he was working on some sort of paper, but I had no idea its entire focus WAS the 111th!

His article is being published in the November issue of Normandie 1944, and he sent me a preview copy. Of course, it is in French, but as Tristan said in his email to me, ” I don’t think you need to read it, for you won’t learn much from it!” It goes on for eleven pages and is full of photos taken by the men themselves. Wouldn’t our fathers be blown away to know their unit’s work there is being read about in France, 72 years later? We wish the best of luck to Tristan, who received his master’s degree in history earlier this year and is preparing to go on for his PhD.


Of course, I’ve sent copies to our three survivors–Art Brooks, John Raisler, and Osborne Eastwood. In a perfect bit of timing, Tristan’s article arrived just in time to send it to Art Brooks, the unit’s company commander, on the occasion of his 99th birthday yesterday. We wish you a very happy and healthy year ahead, Captain Brooks!

edited Art Brooks taken outside quarters Brake Germany summer 1945

Art Brooks during the war


Art Brooks in 2014