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Ed and I will arrive in Normandy later this week to begin the “tracings” part of this blog at long last. We thought that driving the route of the 111th—from Omaha Beach to Brake, Germany—would be a good way to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. We also hope to see some of what the men saw as they made their way through Europe during the final year of their WWII service.

Below are the first two pages of the 111th’s itinerary, as carefully noted by 111th soldier Joe Sedlacek. (Many thanks to his son Tom for sending this to us.) Ed checked it against the unit’s morning reports and found it to be quite accurate, with the exception of several completely understandable misspellings of town names.

Joe Sedlacek

We will begin by spending three nights at the Normandy manoir house B&B of blog friend Michael Doherty. He has located the exact spot where the men camped for several weeks in the summer of 1944 and has promised to take us there. (See the previous blog post on this site.) Michael is a D-Day guide, and we appreciate his interest in our quest during a very busy time for him.

So stay tuned. I hope to make several posts to this blog as we follow the 111th’s convoy through dozens of hamlets and villages and towns over the next two weeks.