A final sad loss

Posted: September 17, 2019 in Uncategorized

We are sad to have to tell you that the last living member of the 111th, Arthur T. Brooks, passed away last week in Hudson, NY, at the age of 101, a month short of his 102nd birthday.

We got to know Art and his wife and their two daughters and son-in-law (all of whom survive him) quite well over the past six years, visiting them in Florida and New York State several times. Art was a remarkable man, a true representative of the Greatest Generation. His intelligence, strong character, and kindness endeared us to him from the start.

Art was an Army captain who had been with the 111th since its time at Camp Bowie, Texas, in 1942. By the time the company crossed over into Germany in early spring of 1945, he had been made company commander. Our fathers could not have asked for a better leader.

Ed and I will miss him very much.

  1. Tom Sedlacek says:

    So sorry to hear.. prayers for all..

  2. LOUISE BROOKS says:

    Thank you for the beautiful tribute to my beloved Father. He was so thrilled and honored to be a part of your work and research of the 111th. It meant the world to him and especially the love and friendship he developed with you and Ed!

  3. Patricia J Macchiarolo says:

    Thank you, Art. RIP from a daughter of a soldier that you kept safe.
    Pat (Raymer) Macchiarolo

  4. Theresa Dalton says:

    Such a wonderful man!
    I was so happy to hear his story
    And Seeing his video
    God Bless you , and
    Gods rest for you sir
    Theresa Dalton
    Daughter of Charles Whisenhunt

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