European Itinerary


Left New York City – November 5, 1943

Arrived Liverpool, England – November 17, 1943

Barry, Wales – November 19, 1943 (tents on Brynhill Golf Course, near Cardiff)

Sully, Wales – December 3, 1943 (depot known as Camp G-40)

Cardigan, Wales – February 15, 1944 (Albro Castle on Tivy River in St. Dogmaels)

Left Albro Castle – June 7, 1944 at midnight, went to Southampton England for embarkation to France

Landed at St. Laurent Sur Mer (Omaha Beach) – June 11, 1944

La Planaitre – June 13, 1944 (an orchard)

Cerisy LaForet – June 16, 1944 (two nights of shelling)

Imse Cirisy – July 4, 1944 (Purple Heart Orchard)

Imse Le Tourners July 5, 1944 (three big fields, seen lots of air activity in the evenings)

Trip to Isigny-St-Mer, Carentan, St. Mere Eglise, Valognes, Monteburg, and Cherbourg – July 17, 1944

St. Pierre Le Semilly – August 1, 1944 (near St. Lo, Hill 192, beaucoup cider)

Campeaux – August 4, 1944 (Near Vire River, our bombers bombed behind our lines, also our first cognac)

Vire – August 14, 1944 (Flea area, stinking dead cows and horses)

Picked up French kid – August 14, 1944

Vire to Sourdeval, Mortain, Barenton, Domfront, Couptrain, Carrouges, Mortree, Sawtrun, Argentan and Falaise Gap – August 20, 1944

Mortree to Sees, Nonant, LePin, L’Aigle, Verneuil, Nonancourt, Dreux, Houdan, Trappes, L’Agiot, St. Remy, Le Chevreuse – August 27, 1944 (so called rest period for three days. Contacted Field Artillery outside of Paris, Saw Versailles and Paris, had six hour pass in Paris)

Versailles, St. Germain-en-Lays, Poissy, Pontoise, Meru, Noailles – September 2, 1944 (worked on long Toms)

Noailles, Fayel, Mouchy, Mouy, Clermnunt, St. Just-en-Chaussen, Montdidier, Rayl, Perrone, Gouzecourt, Cambrai, Valenciennes, St. Amand – September 7, 1944 (visited Valenciennes on Sept 7)

St. Amand, Valenciennes, Quadruble, (NOW ENTERING BELGIUM) Quievrain, Hormu,Jamappe, Mons, Villers, Fontaine, Lieveque, Marchienne, Charleroi, Gembloux, Thorembais, St. Michel, Jauchelette, Jodogne, Outgaarden, Hoegaarden, Tirelemount, Halle, St. Trond, Borgloom – September 10, 1944 (Made red Ball Hauls, drank first beer, first mail in a month)

Borgloom to Tongres, Rienst, Eben, Enael, (NOW ENTERING HOLLAND) Maastricht, Margraton, Grootwelsden (this town is near current Netherlands American Cemetery) – September 22, 1944 (Apple Orchard, pears, plums, mud knee deep, saw Fred Astaire)

Grootwelsden to Margraton, Maastricht – September 27, 1944 (first inside quarters in tile factory, got first pass to Brussels on October 9, 1944)

Maastritch to Valkenburgh, Heerlen – Octobe r 25, 1944 (became garrison troopers, became attached to the 29th Division and later the 102d Division. Had buzz bombs shelling, rocket bombs and dive bombing, second line of defense during Battle of the Bulge. Also went to Stolberg and Aachen, ran contact parties all over Germany)

Heerlen to Kerkrade, (NOW ENTERING GERMANY) Herzognerath, Alsdorf –  February 7, 1945 (Saw an Me 262 shot down over our area, saw beaucoup buzz bombs, heard the biggest artillery barrage of the war in preparation for the crossing of the Roer River)

Alsdorf to Julich, Mersch, Jackrath, Munchen-Gladbach, Rheydt – March 4, 1945 (Military Academy, lived in apartment house)

Munchen-Gladbach to Neersbroicht, Neersen, Beckershoff, Krefeld, Dimmers, Dorsters, Betten, Moers, Funderich, Utfort, Borhein, Rheinkamp, Winterwick, Rheinberg, cross Rhine River over Love Bridge, Dinslaken – March 31, 1945 (Wire Plant)

Dinslaken to Lahberg, Ekel, Dorstein, Marl – April 5, 1945 (Electric Sub Plant)

Marl to Dorsten, Halternm Dulman, Seppenrade, Ludinghausen, Nordkirchen, Capelle, Herben, Walstedde, Ahlen – April 7, 1945 (Ammunition Factory, Refugee Camp)

Ahlen to Walstedde, Herben, Capelle, Nordkirchen, Ludinghausen, Seppenrade, Dulman, Halternm Dorsten – April 11, 1945 (Grainery, made trip of 700 miles through Hannover and close to Magdeburg)

Dorsten to Haltern, Dulman, Munster, Telgate, Warendorf, Rheda, Hannover, Lehrote, Burgdorf, Wathlingen – April 20, 1945 (Salt Mine, lived in a store)

Wathlinggen to Utzen, Gifhorn, Wittinggen, Bodenteich – April 23, 1945 (Ammunition Dump)

Bodenteich to Soltendieck, Sunlendorf, Bergencheine, Salzwedel – April 26, 1945 (Large German Airport – also met the Russians at the Elbe River)

Salzwedel to Brome, Gifhorn, Burgwedel, Burgdorf, Lehrte, Beckum, Neu Beckum, Freidenhorst – May 6, 1945 (Cement Works, V-E Day)

Freidenhorst to Bremen, Blumenthal – May 14, 1945 (Woolen Works)

Blumenthal to Bremen, Brake – May 21, 1945 (Large swimming pool)

The men began heading home, depending on their points, between June and late November 1945.

  1. FREY says:

    Thanks for your website.
    I’m a french writer. I’m looking for GI documents and pictures in Monchengladbach. It’s for a new book. I saw one in your website. Do you have another ? It could be very useful. My grand oncle was in the military railway service and stayed in Monchengladbach. I don’t know how many days .
    Julien F

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