Other MM Ordnance Companies

We have had several people ask us for information about their relatives’ Medium Maintenance Ordnance Company in WWII. We always have to reply that there is no source we know of for unit histories of any of the 2,200 ordnance units (of all types) that were involved in WWII. The U.S. Government may have some unit records in various National Archives locations, but retrieving such information usually requires going to those sites and doing your own research, or else hiring someone to do it for you. The best way to find current information is to do a Google search like “WWII U.S. Army Ordnance Department records.” A good source of unit locations and actions is its daily Morning Reports. Contact the National Archives in St. Louis, MO; here is a good explanation of morning reports and other records: https://historyhub.history.gov/community/military-records/blog/2017/08/25/wwii-military-unit-records-at-the-national-archives

We hope that this blog might serve as a clearinghouse for such inquiries. If someone is looking for information about a particular MM Ordnance Company other than the 111th, we will add their contact information here. Then, hopefully, persons searching the internet for information about the same unit will find this site and connect and share information. It is a long shot, but we have had several family members of the 111th find us that way. (We found most of our survivors and families of the men thanks to my dad’s keeping an invitation to a 1948 reunion of his unit, including an address list of all the men.)

If you have found this site and would like to have me post your information on this page, send me a comment on this blog.

Here are the units whose relatives are looking for or can provide more information:

108th Medium Maintenance: This unit served in the Pacific in WWII. Contact Sarah Lelly-Mosier at (618) 791-7335. Her grandfather was Francis A. Lelly.

130th Medium Maintenance: Mark Dupont found information on this unit through morning reports at the National Archives in St. Louis. Contact me for his contact information through this blog; he can tell you how it’s done.

255th Medium Maintenance: This unit served in Europe and landed on Utah Beach on June 12, 1944. Contact Justin C. Osborne, (402) 463-1377. His grandfather was the company commander of the 255th. Justin is happy to provide information about this unit.

395th Medium Maintenance: This unit probably also served in the Pacific. Contact this blog to be connected with another family member of this unit.