U.S. Army Rank Structure During WWII

Tec 5 insignia

Tec 5 insignia

Tec 4 insignia

Tec 4 insignia

Tec 3 insignia

Tec 3 insignia

We have had a few questions about the ranks of the enlisted men of the 111th. On January 8, 1942, the Army established ranks of Technician Third Grade (Tec 3), Technician Fourth Grade (Tec 4) and Technician Fifth Grade (Tec 5). A “T” was added to the chevrons that the men wore on their sleeves. The ranks denoted personnel with technical skills, as opposed to combat skills such as infantrymen or artillery men. The numerical designation was in inverse order to the rank. For example, a Tec 3 outranked a Tec 4. A Tec 3 equates today to a Staff Sergeant, a Tec 4 equates to a Sergeant, and a Tec 5 equates to a Corporal. Below Tec 5 was a PFC (private first class) and then PVT (private), same as today.

The technician ranks were removed from the rank system in 1948. The concept was brought back with the Specialist ranks in 1955, and those ranks continue today.

  1. Dan Turner says:

    Did the 111th ever have their own patch or insignia (official or unofficial) while attached to the different divisions during the war?

  2. Great site. Cheers for posting

  3. Farrah says:

    I just recently saw a tombstone of a Tech 5 that read, IF I CAN’T FIX IT ,IT AIN’T BROKE

  4. Steve says:

    My dad was a Tech 5 in the segregated 8th Air Force.

  5. Lester Anderson says:

    My Dad served in WWII as a Tec 5 I would Love to ware this on my sleeve in has Honor

  6. Slimrock says:

    Did 1st Ranger Bat have Tech 5s? I am running down my great uncles service in WW2 and I found a site with his name and enlistment by his home town putting him as a Darby’s Ranger but his obit says he was a Tech 5 construction machine operator and was awarded 4 bronze stars. The other line would explain the bronze stars and he never really talked about W2 much I am told. He was very much off my mother tells me and his family thought he had mental illness but was able to function still which sounds to me like PTSD from what he saw in combat and as a POW.

    • Andrea says:

      We are not sure. Ed will check Fold3 this week and get back to you. He says that the Tech ranks were for technicians, which makes sense, but that the Rangers were a combat unit and more likely to be sergeants, etc. We will try to find out.

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